Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Silkalaya :A House Of Assam Silk

It was our third attempt in last one week to buy few Mekhela -Chadars for my ma-in-law as her schedule is full of attending marriage ceremonies and she was running short of clothes(as we women always are).On our previous two visits we dropped the idea as the shop was overly overcrowded,even though they have three floors to solve the purpose. When buying assam silk comes Silkalaya is the first name comes up only after SUALKUTCHI(dear readers if you want to know more,please check my post on Sualkutchi which i am going to write in a day or two --look for it in the first week of Oct.2010...thanks) a small village in Assam.This place is dealing in assam -silk since 1963..they had their only shop in Jorhat,in 1993 they came up with a new branch in paan bazar guwahati,in 2006 another one in G.S. Road and finally in 2007 one in Dibrugarh.

They offer a very vast collection of Assam -Silk like..paat-silk,muga-silk,ketcha(raw)-silk in varied designs,price ranges. You get to see lots of stuff in new avtaar too..which are fastly becoming very popular.I had to resist the temptation to buy one but decided to wait for now.After one good hour we finally settled for two beautiful paat silk pairs with guna work (jari work)on them...jari on assam silk is muted unlike other jari work in rest of india.

Since last evening i saw ma checking on them several times with a soft smile on her face....touchwood.



  1. Thank u friend for a mouth watering treat......should have captured more of it....aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....can't resist....slurppp...slurppp....

  2. i often wonder and curse my self why i never got one of these beauties while we were still in gau. rember our camp to this village. do u have any contacts there. would like to order one.

  3. i know few of them as my one of the close frn..was a dealer.....next time u visit let me know ahead.

  4. I am Arup Kumar Baishya, a properitor of Jyoti Textiles, a cottage industry promoting Assam Silk materials. Please feel free to contact me at my no 99575-82152 (rgiarup@gmail.com)

  5. Want to know more about Sualkuchi and its handloom silk,visit :

  6. I should digg your article therefore other people can see it, very helpful, I had a tough time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

    - Murk

  7. In a day or two i am going to write a post on Sualkuchi.Please visit the home page in a day or two.
    Thanks for your feed back.

  8. Hello Everyone, Silkalay now is online ! If any of you are interested to buy these wonderful collection online, please log on to www.silkalay.com and choose your pick. Shipping charges are free for anywhere in India. We have even shipped items to US also. So hurry and choose your pick.

  9. Dear Kavita,

    You have created such a wonderfully informative and attractive blog.

    I especially loved your posts on Sualkuchi and Silkalay. I plan to visit Sualkuchi in a few weeks and was wondering if you could provide me with the names of any dealers there from whom I could procure a few muga silk sarees and gamchhas.

    Would these items be much cheaper in the silk village than in a retail outlet like Silkalay? Can we trust the purity of the silk in the village?

    My e-mail address is debarati.dutta77@gmail.com. I eagerly look forward to hearing from you.

    Cheers on the great work.

  10. dear kavita

    thanks for your information since i also visited silkalaya and got for myself a beautiful mekhla-chadar. but now after being back in delhi i realise that i am unable to figure out about how to stitch the mekhla before wearing it. please help me out. many thanks

  11. Dear PPG ....Please don't get it stitched if you don't know the way .Wait for four to five days .... i will send you some pictures that would help you .My eid is in my blogger profile ,do mail me.

  12. Lovely collection! I've been v. fascinated by Assamese silks especially after seeing one of my batchmates dressed up in full splendour. One day will surely visit Assam and buy one of these. Thanks for sharing.