Sunday, May 24, 2009


On our way to Namkhola our village we cross this Martyrs Memorial:Patharighat Ran was a benchmark in the history of I ndian Freedom Struggle.
                                                      On 28 Jan. 1894 ,as a retaliation against the exploitative increase of land revenue there was a farmers' agitation t Patharighat.Unarmed but resolute they fought the British Military might .
In a desperate attempt to curb the agitation British Authority massacred people,140 people achieved martydom and 150 were injured.The martyrs irrespective of their cast and creed were buried in a mass grave here.They gave their lives for the freedom we breathe today.

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  1. well, .....this one appears to be a newly constructed memorial. But it is definitely worth noting the time of incidence which coincides to the era when the indians were revolting against the British Raj from all nook & corners.It is amazing that the history reflects a period of two hundred years when indians endured their rule, initially beginning from East India Company to Being an extension of Her Majesty's Empire ............and we rave about being a part of the commonwealth nations. We definitely must be so desperately wanting to associate with these Britishers that despite of having achieved freedom we go on to label ourselves as their former enslaved states.....wonder why we all do so?