Monday, May 4, 2009


Few days back i got a call from one of my oldest(not in terms of age)patient Mr.D.Das,after exchanging usual greetings ,he told me that one of his relative wants to visit our clinics for dental-checkup....after fixing an appointment he said..'''i got a news for you''.ok...i prepared myself.I GOT LUNG CANCER.....already had my chemo and i am doing fine.It was most shocking for me.

Mr. Das and his wife Dipali are one of the most extraordinary people we know.Few yrs. back he retired from his job as a very efficient police officer..whenever he visited us the working place use to fill with his laughter,interesting stories,current updates.Dipali his wife a very kindhearted lady...and very very softspoken.They truly complimented each other.After retirement they were busy enjoying life to its fullest..until his frequently reccuring fevers and the following screening revealed his cancer.
This Sunday we visited our amazement nothing was missing....same energy,same laughter only that he was on a bed ..which he hates.We spent more than two hrs. with could feel the real love between them,the bond,the concern for each other.As mrs.Das called us to hall for the tea she told us with moist eyes that he is facing all this very courageosuly .i know that he will be the first one to leave ....but till the time he is with me i want him to have the best.Their only son a Dr.and his Dr. wife visit them regularly as they work in Delhi.They are very fond of their daughter in law...a Maharashtrian.
As we said goodbye with touching their feet ...both of them hugged us..showered us with me and my husband left their house for about fifteen minutes we couldnot speak to each other......i choke as i type it down...i dont know what am i writing........


  1. Mandira,
    A very interesting and touching article.I am very happy to know that even if a person is suffering from a serious problem,happiness can cure it.And keep on writing new articles.

  2. people like this encorouge me to go least today i hope to complain less about my aches and pains. after all there are a lot of people worst than me. nice post kavita.

  3. yeh Nits.....u r right.thanx for giving your time .