Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This year too like always , we celebrated Magh Bihu(Makar-Sankaranti) in our village Namkhola which is 50km. away from Guwahati. Magh Bihu is celebrated in the month of mark the end of harvesting season.As the granaries are full,this harvesting festival is observed all over Assam.The word BHOGALI comes from the word BHOG which means eating and enjoying. On the day of Uruka i.e. the eve of sankranti ,Bhellaghar and Mejis are made particularly by the menfolk,with bamboo sticks,hay and wood pieces.A community feast is held on the uruka nite inside the Bhellaghar(a makeshift cottage).Next day both the Bhellaghar and Mejis are burnt.

This year people of village Missahaatkhola just one km away from our village,constucted this beautiful five floor Bhellaghar.People from nearby villages and town came down to view this amazing workmanship.

Unlike other Bhellaghars which are burnt on the bihu day,this one was retained for a week(before it was burnt down) due to public demand.Red tea and pithas were being offered to the visitors through out the week by the village folks.We had few corporates guests from Delhi accompanying us corporates love climbing one was stopping them........they loved it specially at these time of recession.


  1. Tallest BHELLA ghar..really amazing..and seems to be quite firm structure holding people on top.
    Would love to see from close encounters..

  2. I must have been living under a stone not to know about 'Bhella ghars'! I am sure the view from atop that structure would be nothing short of serene. I could write a book sitting in those bamboo structures! Pity you have to burn it down. Thank you for introducing me to intricate details of Bihu.