Saturday, May 16, 2009

Traditional Assamese Jewellery -Part Two

This one is Jethipotia

Dhankhera and Hensorai




  1. fallen in love with the collection here.....

  2. try getting hold of other variations as well; it's very tempting.................may i ask you to extend your research and study into their old traditional brass utensils; start it under various sections, puja utensils, eating utensils, cooking utensils and so on.. especially the local ones and the materials they use; you might find more of it in namkhola....collect the rarer ones for me i'll pick it up from you; try searching about blackened earthenwares which were used for cooking and appeared like ironcast wares,equally strong too, ask ma for more info and variations.

  3. Hi, your collection is very good. My grandmother had a Hensorai, and I was very fascinated towards it. Now my grandmother is no more, and I stay outside Assam. I will sure visit you during my next visit, which is yet to be planned. The set you have published here is very interesting. Can you please write some details to me at ?

  4. Nice post, both the parts! I can't get over the fact that each piece has its own name? Wow, really amazing!

  5. Hi,

    Nice post giving in a snapshot the details of the amazing artwork the state provides. Can you suggest any place where i can get assamese traditional fine jewellery in Delhi.