Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kumauoni Nath - Nose Ring Worn By Uttranchali Women

                        My dear mom

Uttranchal is a beautiful hilly state in India ,most of you must have heard of Nainital ,Almora Kausani ,Ranikhet , Musoorie .This large Nath(nose-ring)is worn by married Uttranchali women in special occasions.For me my mom was the most beautiful woman,specially when she wore this beautiful Nath.This is my mom wearing a large beautiful Kumauoni Nath....this picture was taken few days after my parents got married.

Meet my Nani (granny ) . Nani tells me that in those days it was worn all day long and at bed time it was worn around the neck .I always used to ask her if it was painful but she would answer no,we are genetically designed to bear the weight of Nath.With time size of Nath has seen many changes,now it is much smaller and convenient to use.
This is Ruchi my dear sister-in -law and below is my kid sister Mamta......both pictures are of them as brides.It is not only worn by a bride but also at times when there is a birth in the family,a religious occasion,a marriage and other auspicious festivals like Diwali etc.I too wore one as a bride. Now often i miss the chance to wear it because it is not worn here in Assam....i really look forward to wear this whenever i am visiting my parents and there is a function to attend.Last time i wore one was on my brother's marriage 7 years back.