Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To Kordoi or not to Kordoi

Kordoi is a very delicious Assamese sweet made with refined flour and sugar syrup.....and is sinfully high in calories.Whenever i go to Delhi ..my folks beforehand remind me not to forget to get them their share of the same.Yesterday while my mom in law was busy making kordois the thought of writing about it crossed my mind.I quickly clicked some pics as i was about to leave for my Gym.As i packed my water bottle ma offered me the largest one in the scene,BIG SYRUPY,HOT,CRISPY,YUMMY AND MAY BE 300 CAL. CONTAINING...but it was kordoi being offered by a mother-in-law.....how could a daughter-in-law refuse. I stuffed it to my mouth ma by my side waiting for my response....the moment it touched my mouth i forgot about everything...they are so tasty...HAVE THEY TURNED OUT WELL? she questioned me....'fabulous' ,i answered....'have one more 'prompt she said.As i left the house i was 600 calories higher.Fourty five minutes of Treadmill at a high speed plus another half hr.aerobic session and i was sorted.atleast thats what i thought until.....
I reached home,after my bath as i sat down to check my daughter's h.w....chandika arrived with a tray ...a cup of tea and again one kordoi....but i already had it....please ,see if it is still crispy after cooling down.yes it is still crispy .

Before retiring to bed i thanked god as always and in addition i thanked him for three things....
1.thankyou god for giving me the very first kordoi made today
2.thankyou god for giving me a chance to burn those added calories
3.thankyou god for giving me another chance to reload those lost calories.


  1. I dnt know whether u would believe it or not but this is the fourth time, I am visiting the Kordoi post, ever since stumbling upon your blog last week.
    These four visits have strictly been made while I was in office, handling my daily dose of workload.
    And all these four visits were made when I was feeling extremely hungry :-))
    I live away from my parents, in Delhi, with my younger brother, so such home-made treats are rare for us, and missed a lot because my granny and mother specialise in such traditional treats.
    Because of the hectic worklife in Delhi, I am not able to devote as much time as possible to such culinary sojourns (except for the daily dose of daal-roti).
    Your Kordoi post is delicious and looking at the photographs, combined with the text, I can almost enjoy the fragrant, steamy kordois.
    So, now, you have to add one more name to the list of Kordoi-lovers, when u come to delhi next time (which I heard from Priyanka, is going to be soon).
    Take care and God bless..

  2. Thankyou Yamini....i just replied you in my Lithophone post.