Saturday, May 2, 2009


Our two hr.ferry cruise was on its was a beautiful mid January evening this year.We threw a surprise bday party for my dear ma-in-law,hence hired this ferry.As we came very near to Peacock Island we decided to halt there for some time so that we pay a visit to Umananda Temple It was getting dark and my camera batteries were competely no good pics...may be next time.

The Umananda Temple is located in Peacock Island in the midest of river Bhramaputra.The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.The island is also known as Bhasmachala as legends say that Lord Shiva with his third eye burnt Kamadeva as he was disturbing Shiva's meditation.Another name is Urvasi island,according to kalika purana goddess urvasi resides here and brings amrit(nectar)for godded Kamakhaya.The temple was built in 1664 A.D. by Bar Phukan Garghaya Handique by the orders of King Gadadhar Singh(1681-1696) one of the strongest king of Ahom Dynasty.
Here you get a chance to see the endangered Golden Langurs is said that 35 yrs. back a priest brought them to the temple from they have grown in nos.A lot of birds are seen here like asian koel,jungle babbler,greyfit,warbler,magpie robin,myna etc.


  1. This brings back fond memories kavita.....

  2. yes dear..........why not have a reunion....only gals.

  3. Someone told me just last week, when peacocks cry earthquakes that true?
    ..and he claims it has happened twice in his life..i said it as mere coincident.

  4. i have no idea about it...earthquakes occur even if no peacock is around

  5. D words reminded me of d days wen as a child I used to look at Umananda with awe and wonder.. :)