Monday, May 25, 2009


These Manipuri-dancing dolls (RADHAKRISHNA) are perfect example of great manipuri handicraft....these beauties are completely handmade and good ones are hard to find these days.
My dear friend Romita gifted me these about one year back.
The dolls shown here are richly and colorfully decorated.The costume shown here is modeled on
the one the Maharaja Bhagya Chandra(1763-1798) saw in his dreams.Lord Krishna always wears saffron color dhoti and Radha's costume is always green....her costume is called POTLEI.
The lehenga or skirt Radha is wearing is called KUMIN which is made with mirror and zari work.A rectangular belt KHANGOI is worn over the choli,veil is called ODHNI.


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