Friday, June 5, 2009


It was an extremely hot day today.We are a house of early risers...had to discontinue my regular walk coz it was very hot and humid this morning..A sudden,dramatic change in weather this afternoon was more than welcome.
Clouds were very dense and it got so dark that we had to switch on the lights indoor.
The sunlight coming through the clouds looked beautiful.
Though the clouds looked promising but it rained only for two hrs.
Labourers from this construction site were singing aloud.....


  1. thanks for visiting my website. your english is excellent. I have a son who lives in Seattle, Washington in USA that came to India last year for work trip. It's a fascinating country.

  2. I especially loved that last photo of the construction workers. Raining 2 hours is not enough? We could sure use 2 hours of rain here in Hawaii right now.

  3. @Ramesh....thankyou. too are welcome to INDIA.

    @Kay....this part of world is known to have very heavy rainfalls,so in comparision it was less.I hope it rains in Hawai too.

  4. Hi Kavita,
    Watching the photos of the rain-filled clouds and dark sky today was too painful (just joking!! dnt worry)
    you must be aware that Delhi summers are scorching and this year, we have to suffer dripping humidity, even though monsoon are still weeks away.
    The above photographs made me wish that I could leave everything here in Delhi and rush to the hills, without a care in the world.
    Apart from the joke part, thanks for putting up these photographs and sharing with us a glimpse of the clouds from Assam. It refreshed my day...

  5. Yamini,it is much more painful when you see these promising clouds and they dont bother to was happening a lot last month and this day we just got lucky.Yamini, you and Priyanka are always welcome....we can talk about it later when we meet...your kordois are on way dahling.

  6. Wow!!!!!

    Thank you sooo much.