Monday, June 1, 2009

Amazing Aparajita Saharia :

These are few of handwoven mekhela chadar paaris(borders) my mother-in-law  made bys elf.As a new bride when i touched my husband's grandfather's feet he asked me if i knew weaving ,knitting,sewing,sword-fighting,swimming answer to all these questions was same...NO.He blessed me and said.."so you know nothing except for being a dentist,don't worry your ma knows all these and you ....young lady try to learn something from her".I still don't know any of these but he was right i am extremely lucky to have her as my ma-in-law.
This mekhela-chadar and shwal she gave me as a gift when i entered the kitchen for very first time.The handloom she uses is FLY-SHUTTLE type and she uses 2ply wool for the shawl...for borders she uses dft.colors threads.I wish i  click the LOOM but right know it is disassembled for cleaning and polishing.She learnt this from her granny.....once it was an essential trait to know for the women of Assam still is in some parts.
This is MA wearing her own creation.
These are few of her daily wear shawls......she gifts shawls a lot.Ain't i lucky....touchwood.


  1. The work is beautiful...I love the chador's...I wish I had a relative hand me down some of such amazing handwork...I quilt for my little daughter a lot...hoping someday she might appreciate what her mother created for her :))

    Thanx a bunch for viewing the interview and leaving lovely comments :))


  2. hi kavita....not been able to visit here becoz of the FODI.
    well this is beautiful does she still weave ???? if yes then would order one.!!!

  3. yes Nits..she does it because she loves to do dont have to order just ask her next time you visit us......all these days the loom was in Shillong ,we just got it here recently.

  4. all last week on public television they were running programs about india. one of the shows in particular touched on how significant shawls are.

  5. NITU ...chandika promised two bisonis(one for priyanka and other for you....hers is done ,yours is nearly done...

  6. Wow! Kavita... Thanks a tonne! This is the best present of the day. and shameless as I am... I will not even refuse for politeness sake since I love collecting such priceless things from across India.

    thank u so much for the wishes, compliments and a BIG thanks for the present. :-)

    You have to keep a Saturday lunch (on me I, insist) when you come to Delhi. Please mail me at so that we can exchange numbers.

  7. oops was consumed with the present forgot to appreciate the mekhala. A college friend of mine was from Dibrugarh and she had worn the mekhala during our farewell. Have been in love with this attire since then. Your mom-in-law is amazing... the finesse in the thread work is mind blowing. I am totally floored.

  8. Some beautiful work there! :) Although I am seeing them for the first time!

  9. hi kavita!
    thanx for visiting my blog and leaving ur valuable comments..yes d blog is very much open to all to comment! :)

  10. Thank you so much for your visit, Kavita. I'm thrilled because it led me to yours. I've added you to my side bar so I remember to visit again. You have a very interesting, beautiful blog! I shall travel through it whenever I have time.

  11. Hi Kavita,
    I came to know about your blog from Priyanka and thought to visit your blog, since Priyanka was praising it to heights. I have to say that I am floored with the ur latest blog (I am yet to read the rest).
    Your mother in law is really an exceptionally gifted woman and you are lucky, indeed.
    The mekhlas that you have shown above are awesome and beautiful.
    You are right when u said that women (in Assam) as well as other parts of India were required to know of everything from knitting to sewing, etc.
    My father's eldest sister used to knit pullovers and cardigans for the entire family even till as late as two years ago. Every one in our family, from my grandmother to the youngest cousin has worn at least one sweater knitted by her hands.
    But all this is becoming a rarity these days, I am ashamed to admit that...

    Well, it was a delight to go through your blog and hoping to read more from you on mekhlas.

  12. Thankyou Yamini...we'v met many times at KRIS...atleast i noticed you.....nice meeting you an thanks for liking my blog.i just read out your comment to ma...she says thanks ....i encourage my daughter to learn knitting from her instead of sitting infront of tv watching cartoons..she is five and i love to see my son 's willingness to learn the same(why not.males too learn this).
    I will surely write more about MEKHELA to wear one etc.THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR INPUTS.

  13. Hi Kavita,
    I saw u too at Kris' Blog and yes, I have noticed you also. But it is Priyanka from whom I have heard a lot about you (that should explain the reference given in my earlier post :-))
    Plz convey my regards to you ma-in-law and tell her that she weaves beautiful mekhlas. With such gifted granny and encouraging mom, your daughter would surely learn to knit sooner or later, dnt worry.
    Take care and have a nice day.

  14. i must thank PRIYANKA for introducing you to my blog and me.......Yamini thankyou.

  15. work up on this traditional dress section it seems to attract lots of response.............and ma can guide you to older techniques and antiques and stles to mekhla chaddar............handloom and handicrafts are disappearing rapidly contribute to slowing down the process

  16. Your ma-in-law's sador parees are simply gorgeous, kavita, and the lady herself has put me to some real embarrassment (geez!) that I can't get anywhere near her in her skill except appreciating hers from the bottom of my humble heart. Am I lucky to even get a chance to see her creations!

  17. I may not know much about mekhela chadors, but they all look lovely. without doubt Aparajita Saharia or whom we fondly call Barma is an expert with mekhela . But i would also like to add that barma's weaving skills are not only limited to chadors , she also makes very beautiful sweaters.Some of my best childhood sweaters were handmade by her.....