Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This post is dedicated to my best friend ROMITA(who is at present in Germany),....i have never come across a greater fish lover as her,my daughter GAURI comes next.
Its typical of many Assamese village houesholds to have their own fish pond.Rice and Fish are a big part of assamese diet.We have three fish ponds,one small and two bigger.The pic shown above is of my Jan trip to the village when one of the bigger  pond was emptied for cleaning.The picture shown below is of this May trip ,when pond was refilled .When monsoon is at peak this pond is completely filled.Once or twice in a week this net is used to catch the fish...we were late in reaching village so that part was already can see the blue fish net being dried before storing.We have lots of lemon trees surrounding this pond,as we take a round we pluck lemon love this part a lot even though the trees have thorns.
Fish curry is ready already....these are meant specially for kids coz they prefer fried fish and the fish shown here has lesser fish bones.Row,Silver Carp,Grass Carp,Mrigala,Cheetal,Kurghi are few varities found in our pond.I am a vegetarian so i dont get to eat all these........ROMITA...wish you were there.


  1. interesting that you have special dishes for the children. I love curry dishes but with just the lowest level of spice. Have only tasted thai curry.

  2. Our one daughter is vegetarian and so is her partner. But her partner will eat fish and shrimp. They also use butter, milk and egg items.
    They love Indian food, there is a restaurant about 25 miles away that serves Indian dishes, and they love to go there to eat. I tried it once, but I prefer the Hot Sour soup and Kung Pao Chicken from our local Chinese restaurant better. I think the name of the place they go to is called Amar of India.

  3. guys if you have not tasted this specific fish variety; then you are missing a great flavour of life. these pond fresh water fish from the north east of india is just out of the world; kavita's kids would definitely vouch for it; show them eating

  4. Kavi, I am surprised how you take out the water and ... of course ... the fishes too and where do you store this water !!!!- Pappu's question !

  5. @Lin..we keep in mind kids preferences as grown ups meal is sometimes little higher on spices.

    @Petty..i too take all dairy products and veg. consumption is on higher side in my home.

    @Romita(anonymous)...who knows it better.

    @Ramesh..dont feel sad more than half of Hollywood is vegetarian too.

    @PAPPU..A very intelligent question..we take out water by pumping it out,fish are either consumed,distributed,sold and some are stored in another pond...we dont store the water it is released in nearby fields....once the pond is completely cleaned(a pond as deep as this never dries up ,underground water seeps up) ,wait for the rains....more fish seeds are then added....Bhaisahab are you satisfied?Romita has this affinity for u and

  6. I am a veggie... so will restrict myself to vicariously enjoying the experience of fishing n plucking lemons.

  7. hey..thanks 4 yr witty comment friend..

  8. I just love it that you can have your personal fish pond. How amazing is that? And fish is good for you. Being vegetarian is good, too.

  9. Well yes, a pretty cool and nice way to relax life – fishing and plucking lemons.

    Free and far from the noisy concrete jungle, how lucky you people to be able to find peace and spend quality time at the countryside.

    Keep visiting the village and continue sharing more pictures :)

  10. Nice to know you, Kavitha. This, pond cleaning is interesting. I am reading this for the first time.

    I am a vegetarian, too. Lemon plucking must be fun. I have got a small tree here, at home, which is full of thorns, but the fruit is very juicy.

    I will read more of your blogs to know about Assam. I never had any Assamese friend till now, so everything will be new!

  11. awesome post. i am a fish lover!! actually, i grew up near the water/beach, so i love seafood as a whole. i've had silver carp before.