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had tried to capture the arrival of Bordoisila March 2009 from our terrace
It was a Saturday most probably in the month of March approximately thirty five years back.My dad was newly posted to this small town of Assam.The town had a tiny market comprising of not more than five to six shops.I still remember it had a small general store ,one tea shop ,a vegetable stall and another meat and poultry shop. It was a ritual to visit the nearby town Tejpur which was just forty kms away every Saturday for our weekly shopping.We were returning to our house after one such very initial trip.The weather was bit cloudy but pleasant .All of a sudden the sky turned almost black .A fierce and strong wind changed the whole weather in few secs.There were thunders and lightening in the area and we could hear and see the flashes of  thunderbolt .Soon it was accompanied by heavy downpour .It was impossible to move further . My dad parked the jeep on the side of the road by positioning it in such a way that it faced into the wind.The jeep was shaking badly and all three of us (me ,my sis and brother) were pretty scared .My dad was cool though .He looked back at us and said ," don't worry ,it's Bordoisila ,she is visiting her mother's house .Everything will be fine in few minutes". Thousand questions cropped up on my mind ..who is she ?why is she so angry ? why is she doing this ? But at that moment
i was too scared to ask any question.Soon the weather calmed down and we reached home safely. Later that night mom narrated us the legend of Bordoisila. All this time i was waiting for the right pictures to write this post .I am posting it today even if the pictures are not right , will update the post later once i have them .
 Bordoisila is a wild ,fierce wind which announces the arrival of  spring season in Assam.It occurs in the month of  March -April ,just before Rongali/Bohag Bihu one of the most famous festival of Assam.The wind carries dust,dry leaves,twigs and plastic wastes in case of cities/towns and anything that comes on its way.It is soon accompanied by huge mass of dark clouds and heavy rainfall .It softens the dry fields .Many times it leaves behind a trail of destruction.
The Legend Of Bordoisila :
Legend has it that just like a young, married woman would hurriedly, fly back to her mother destructing literally anything that comes her way; Bordoisila comes to Assam. The meaning of the word "Bordoisila" still draws a lot of controversy. People from upper Brahmaputra valley may define it as derived from Ahom word "Sila" means a kind of kite. "Bordoi", could be her name. Then down the valley they say "Bor-" means big, "-doi-" means water in Bodo language and "-sila" from 'Shikla' in Bodo which means girl.The Bodo word for Bordoisila is "Bardwisikhla" which breaks down to "Bar-" meaning wind, "-dwi-" means water and "-sikhla" means girl in Bodo language. It represents the mythological Goddess of Nature, and it marks the beginning of the festival month of Bwishagu (Spring season).

 As a traditional belief  in Assam people offer her a special comb to comb her hair and a wooden stool to sit her on.The comb is made of Bamboo and is called Kakoiphoni  ,it was used for combing hair  in ancient times by Assamese people .The stool is called Borpira .Some keep in their courtyard  a bamboo strainer which is used for clearing dirt from the grains specially rice .It is called Salooni ( as the word Chalni in Hindi).Many throw rice in their courtyard ( sutaal) to calm her down.
 Bordoisila returns from her mother’s home  after the end of the month ‘Bohaag’ (April – May) which is the first month of the Assamese calendar , and the same is repeated again. This time instead of being angry she becomes emotional and burst out into tears. Blame it on Global warming or other climatic phenomenons ,it's frequency and occurrences has seen some drastic changes over the years .If i am not wrong Bordoisila never showed up in it's true spirit here in Guwahati  this year
Updated  : Thanks to Rupam Sarma for providing me the  picture below


  1. what a legend! Bordoisila..hmm.
    d way ur father coolly said, "she is visiting her mother"...that was something!!! esp after seeing the photos of the storm
    """This time..she..burst out into tears. Blame it on Global warming" hehhee

  2. absolutely fascinating!!
    beautiful images too!!

  3. Very interesting, intriguing and insightful!! :)

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    Romita wrote "....old folklores kept got to know this...some may find it silly but the simplicity of nature being humanised by ancestors has been less understood in its true sense.........great ......waiting for more tales from you my friend!"

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    Aparna wrote "I Never knew about this name. In Bengal we do have kal baisakhi around that time. I like the way you have arranged your blog page BTW. Tried to post a comment but it did not open. Must be some problem with my computer."

  6. "Bordoisila" Beautiful post.Thank you Kavita Ba.

  7. This was such a fun post. It does happen to be raining outside right now. I have always loved legends and this was very touching because I could picture your dad giving you this explanation so lovingly.

  8. Wow! We grow up hearing to such stories :)

    She is visiting her mother's home :) How beautiful. Thank you for sharing this.

  9. interesting legend!
    terrbible weather on the pictures, indeed!

  10. A wonderful legend that you chose to Post. I must say it is as usual a good one from your stables.

    Wonder f she is crying for Mother Nature when she sees the damages man cause

  11. wowo.. thanks for sharing the legend..
    our indian culture is full of so many legends ..

    made me laugh the satire on global warming :)
    beutiful pictures ..


  12. A ancient story beautifully told with relevant pictures.Interesting story.That is what I like about our country each region has such a vast collection of stories all woven around nature. Lovely post Kavita.

  13. Kavita, this was a fascinating post!
    I picture you 35 years ago with your dad and he's explaining to you the legend of 'Bordoisila"
    Thank you!
    Wonderfully written, as always!

    Margie x

  14. mother nature has many legends and misbehaviors up here sleeve it seems...

  15. Very interesting story about Bordoisila and loved the pictures too, Kavita! Every part of our country have their own folklores and so many varieties of stories! Thank you, Kavita! I

  16. Wow! I have never heard of her... Thank you for the interesting post.

  17. this was quite interesting topic....A legend of its class...
    pics are beautiful and the concluding para about "bursting it into tears" simply superb....:))

    nice post..

  18. it feels like a movie material.

    or may be your naration made me feel so.

    :)...wishing u Bodoisila!

  19. Interesting story and nice pictures.

  20. quite informative and interesting post.
    liked it.

  21. Kavita Ba,
    Nice to see my photography in your beautiful post.Thank you so much.

  22. nice ..something new you shared with us!
    never heard of this and never knew any story behind this!
    pictures are awesome///
    its so dark kinda scary :)

  23. Wow, what an incredible post, Kavita! I read every word. I would have been scared, too, if I had been in a shaking jeep due to that storm.

  24. It's a beautiful read. I am glad it showed up as a recommended item in my Google Reader feed. Thanks.

  25. I love the way you write in detail and the pictures are so amazing.

  26. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story.Hope global warming wont effect much on the legend.....

  27. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful story.Hope global warming wont effect much on the legend.....

  28. Wonderful stormy shots and interesting story behind this.

  29. ohh thats cool info.. thanks for sharing... :P
    loved those picts :)

  30. Fascinating legend .Something very new to me.Thanks.
    Priya S.

  31. Interesting article. Heard about Bordoisila for the first time..Thanks.

  32. Seems to me almost more than a legend, but a ritual of nature. I had never heard the name or story before.

    If you can dig up those photos (or even some drawings?) I am sure Peeps over the world would be so interested.

    Your blog is very attractive, Kavita.

  33. #2...grin!

    I like that you do not require Peeps to 'go through hoops' like word verification, etc, to post comment. Brava for you!

    Also I need to comment on your comment on my blog about greeting Peeps in the fashion, "Are you happy?"

    You have no idea how 'happy' I am for your comment--I was beginning to believe the two negative comment(s). But you verified, gave credence to my new way to greet Peeps. Deep down I KNEW it to be correct, and my experimenting proved, but even so--when there is disagreement, I have to stand back. (Will ponder this no longer, simply DO what I know is right. Thank you, thank you.

    LOVE and PEACE, Kavita! You have "made my day"!!!

    Neither of us need ask "Are you happy?" because I know you are, and so am I. Live well, my friend

  34. thanks for an informative piece. beautifully crafted.

  35. Kavita,

    I am impressed with your memory and resolve to share it with photographs. Very informative. Love the last two photographs. Just beautiful.

    Take care

  36. I found it so informative and interesting that couldnt help following your blog;-)

  37. Enjoyed reading your post. It was quite informative. Lovely pics. The one taken by Rupam is really good, it alsmot looks like a comb combing water :)

  38. lovely place, and really awesome pictures, keep it up!

  39. Wow. This is simply mesmerizing. The pictures are great too. I am glad you captured them.

  40. What an interesting story, thanks for sharing. Hope you're having a lovely week-end.

  41. That is really an interesting story. She sounds like a worse version of the aandhi we know. I like it that she is rushing to her parents' house and destroys everything along the way :). Lovely pics as usual especially the last one.

  42. Bon Voyage, mon cher!

  43. Surely this post deserves more than the ordinary komnetara, but my admiration to this time to express it is through this comment. excellent post!

  44. I also like to read about different legends, Very scary storm, we are having thunders storm right now. Thank you for sharing this, liked the pictures and thanks for coming by.

  45. Very well narrated and lovely pictures

  46. Very very interesting Kavita :)
    And this is why I luv reading ur blog :)

  47. What a fascinating legend, a great story to pass on. Thanks for some amazing photos as well.

  48. Very beautiful and interesting story. Liked the photos.

  49. Hi Kavita,
    What an interesting name and such a fascinating story! Our childhood in India is always filled with such fascinating stories and incidents... Lovely post and beautiful pics...
    Have a fabulous day:)

  50. kavitha,

    the posts are highly interesting...
    the restoration works by your sister is great...

    assam looks and feels just like kerala...

    all the best...

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  59. "Makani" means wind generally in Hawaiian, but I'm sure there were many words for many winds like this Assam treasure. Thank you for sharing a cultural gem with us all, Kavita.

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


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  60. Kavita! I have followed you from Ricardo' Blog and I'm glad I did it.

    I simply love learning about different cultures and traditions.
    Never ever heard of Bordoisila, but now I'm aware of its importance and although your description was absolutely outstanding, I can still imagine your apprehension during such a dreadful tempest.

    Thank you for sharing.
    I'll return some day, hopefully soon.

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  62. Kavita, I cannot thank you enough for sharing these legends and stories with us. As a geographer, the tendency is too convert all natural phenomena into scientific jargon. It is a refreshing and welcome change to look at the spring wind as a legend. Thanks again.

    I cannot stress how glad I'm reading your posts today. Sorry have not been regular. But will try my best to be among the top commenters from the next time :-)

  63. As you say "Bordoisila" did not occur in Guwahati this year. Surely this could be attributed to the climate change taking place every where. Very very interesting post. Thanks.