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Sky View : Mawlynnong the cleanest village in Asia

A Welcome Message At Parking Place : Mawlynnong

Contd from Part 1: Shillong To Mawlynnong
                          Part 2: Living Root Bridge Of Riwai 
 It was almost two in the afternoon as we reached Mawlynnong .The first thing that catches your eyes is beautiful flowers and well maintained colorful plants everywhere.It is almost like stepping into a gorgeous botanical garden or a beautiful place from fairy tales.Mawlynnong is also called God's Own Garden.

Parking Place For Visitors
We were the first ones to visit the place that day .It was clean  and empty .We parked our car and looked around .
This is Sumer a resident of the village busy cleaning the fallen leaves.

We saw this young boy collecting fallen leaves from the area .As he got up we greeted each other .His name was Sumer.
He took us to the verandah of this community hall .Here visitors can offer donations which is further used by the residents for the maintenance of the infrastructure of the village .To our surprise unlike other places they were not very eager to collect the donation.Instead he advised us to go straight away to the Sky View as the weather was most suitable at that time.Sky walk is a 85 feet Bamboo structure made by the locals, which offers a bird's eye view of the village and a panoramic view of Bangladesh plains.Post updated In response to  Balachandran's comment : this structure is designed by a forty five years old school teacher named Rishop Khongthongreh .( thanks to Henry who is constantly helping me over the phone with the queries - i will introduce him to you in my next post).

Suddenly emerged this lovely Kong( a term in Khasi language to lovingly address a lady ) who was kind of expecting me to take her pictures .Which i did later.After few pictures she very politely asked us in English to follow her .
A Dent /Cavity On The Rock :Mawlynnong
The path was narrow and was made of flat stones.We noticed and photographed rocks like this ,the rocks had cavities or dents on them created by the rain water .Later we came to know that the word Mawlynnong comes from the Khasi term which means A Dent /Cavity On The Rock.
 The  shade and the gentle breeze offered by the surrounding trees was bliss.
Sky View : a bamboo and cane structure that offer a bird's view to the village and Indo Bangla Border
Kong pointed at the sky view and asked us to take a picture .She was well familiar with the best picture spots.Good for us
Ticket Stall

Before we started Kong advised me to leave back my scarf as she was scared that i might trip over it while climbing the bamboo bridge.

This is the entrance that lead us to the  bamboo platform built on the highest branches of the area.

The smart design and craftsmanship was outstanding .Though the structure looked rickety it was very strong and safe to walk.

Bamboo canes are tied together with the help of cane ropes to make a sky pathway.Not even a single iron nail is used her .Very eco- friendly.

All of us were busy taking pictures and videos.
 The initial climb was little steep that required holding the sides of the bridge with both the hands.
 Branches touching our cheeks while crossing one tree from another was a never to forget experience.
 Another view as i looked back to see how high we climbed.
 Never stopped gushing at the amazing skills of the locals. .
After Chandan ,Dulal was next to reach the highest platform .
 Pranab was right behind me .
 Not admitting but he was panting for breath and so were we.
The first view from the top .This is the plains of Bangladesh .It was  the highest point of the forest.
me and Dulal
 After few pictures i told Chandan that i was feeling little dizzy .Very firmly i was holding the bamboo wall.To my surprise all three of them said that they too were feeling the same .Later we realized that it was not us but the platform that we were standing on was swaying with the wind .  Scary ...nah !!
 We started counting and found that the whole structure was standing on the branches of five to six trees.
 The extra retention
 Looking down we saw nothing but the surrounding  tree tops.
 Time to go back .

 The way back was much trickier than climbing up .
 A view of the platform from next  level.
 The walk was completed.

 Now we walked towards the village through this beautiful king's way. I knew i was about to see the most cleanest village of Asia and meet lovely residents of the same but not in my imagination expected to meet a Blogger and that to  from USA who has been living in the village from last one month.Contd

A Message : i have been receiving lot of queries through mails and also few phone calls for more travel  information  on Mawlynnong .Please give me some time ,i will try to dedicate a section on the same on my next blog post . At the same time would like to make it clear that i don't own a traveling agency nor do i am directly or indirectly linked to any that i might mention in my post.


  1. This is one difficult task; good that you photograhed it well i would never go up. Lot of factors would make it impossible.....most of it the height phobia. Great!....waiting to see the village you have been stating from the beginning.........

  2. I would definitley be a bit scared to walk on the bamboo bridge:) Especially with the wind blowing:) You are brave!

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  4. So this is really very, very exciting journey, with lots and lots of adrenaline, and very magical landscapes, which are abundant in your great country, it seems to me that the bridge is special. Kavita thank you for this wonderful post. which have enabled us to enjoy in your beautiful country

  5. It definitely was worth the puffs and pants :)

    Thanks for sharing, the structure is indigenous and yet so strong.

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  9. Oh yes the bamboo path way to the skies do look precarious. And the climb down more tough than the walk up.
    Good pics and good descriptions.

    looks like you may have to begin a travel facilitating outpost ha !

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  12. What struck me is the fact that the entire structure didn't use steel or any other metal. This is worthy example that should be emulated elsewhere in the country.

    it would have been informative if you had talked to someone who designed and constructed it.

    I am going to share your post with some forest guys I know.

    Thanks, K!

  13. Hi Kavita,
    As I mentioned in your last post this place is just awesome... It just transforms me to a wonderland!
    Just amazing pics, that bridge is indeed high quality engineering especially considering that its eco friendly too!!!
    Looking forward to more posts!
    Have a fabulous week ahead:)

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    You look lovely in that picture and so happy!
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    And 80-85 feet should be really scary on those bamboo bridge.

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  40. The first picture of the 'sky view' looks as if a bird had started building the ladderlike structure! Looks so frail!

    Yes, it looks rickety!

    No nails? Great! My son says ropes are reliable than nails, or it used to be!

    The bridge was swaying in the wind? Must have been very scary!

    Yes, climbing up is practically easier than getting down everywhere (we felt this at the Trichy Rock Fort temple!). Our legs, sort of, shakes, while climbing down!

    'The view of the platform from next level' looks great!

    Thank you, Kavita for introducing us to these beautiful places!

  41. @Romita ,Ola : it is not at all as scary as it looks .It was total fun :)Thanks.

    Ashwini :it is approx 85 ft in height .Climbing up was far more attractive than the view .Thanks:)

    Steve May : Every country is beautiful and has many things special.Thanks to blogger we can now share that with each other.the trip was exciting for me because of two things .Firstly the place is very beautiful .Secondly ,it was for the first time since the time of birth of my kids that i left and trusted them with people other than me.Thanks.

    Insignia : yes ,it was worth the puffs and pants .Only thing that irked me was the unwanted concern that accompanying male -brigade showered on me :):)Sorry C,P and D :)

  42. Rupam Sharma :Thanks a lot Rupam.The place is so near to our city ,you must visit it soon.

    Magiceye :thanks a lot for your constant encouragement :)

    Ugich Konitari :i am so glad that you enjoyed the post Suranga.Thanks:)

    Anil Kurup : thanks a ton for your kind words Anil :)

    Giribala :So happy to see you here .Thanks a lot :)

    Bikram :bhai ,it feels good to know that you like what i share of this lesser known part of India .Thanks so much.

    Balachandran : thanks for the suggestion .I called up Henry a friendly guide from Mawlynnong to know the answer and updated the post.Do let me know what your friends think of it .

    Arti : means a lot to me that you like the post .Thanks a lot:)

  43. Magia : Thanks so much :)

    Lin Floyd : lol.the climb was fun but that swaying did unnerved me for few seconds as i was not expecting it .Later that was fun too .Thanks.

    Amrit : Glad that you enjoyed the post .Still waiting for your travelogue :)Thanks.

    Jaat Devta : dhanyavaad .

    Ramesh : thanks so much.

    Rakesh : thanks a lot

    Gigi : lol.the sky path is very strong enough to carry approx 7-8 people at a time.

  44. Rama :i will write a separate post on the travel tips on this particular place .I am sure nature lovers like you will not regret visiting these lesser known places .Thanks.

    Margarate : it is one of the most beautiful and also the safest place to visit .Because it is lesser known readers want more travel info on it .Thanks for your nice comment .

    Margie :it makes me happy to see you enjoy the post.Thanks a lot Margie:)

    Saritha:thanks a lot for sharing it Sari :):)):

    Steve E :The reason for providing extra details is to expose this place more to others.Places like this do need more recognition.Thanks for your encouraging words Steve :):)

    Babli :thanks a lot Babli.

    Irfaan :i would like to know more ,i am thinking of including your views on my next blog post .Thanks

    Kay : Trust me ,for a traveler like you it would be a piece of cake .Even KC would love to climb over but i am not sure about your mom though :)Thanks :)

  45. Varsha :thanks a lot .I loved sharing it with you:)

    Deeps :i hope you liked the places.Thanks.

    Ashwini:thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart .

    Momofrs :what a beautiful accident . A warm welcome and thanks for your beautiful comment.

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    P.N.Subramanian :Warm welcome .Glad to learn that you read all in the series.Thanks a lot.

    Sandhya: i am sorry for late response.Have been running around a lot.I knew you would love knowing about this place.Do visit if possible,i assure you will not regret it.Thanks.

    *^^* : Thanks.

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    Ramesh ::):)D.

    Priyanka : yes,it does feel like to be in a fairy tale place.Thanks:)

    Matteo Taffuri : warm welcome and thanks for your visit,comment and follow :) You have a beautiful blog,i really liked it .Thanks for leading me to it .

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