Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chandika's Bisoni

THESE ARE THE BISONIS(HAND MADE FANS) CHANDIKA ..MY DOMESTIC HELP AT HOME GIFTED ME......THE BLUE ONE IS FOR ME AND THE OTHER TWO ARE FOR TWO FRIENDS ...ONE PRIYANKA AND THE ONE WITH N IS FOR NITU.....i am not so happy today as just few minutes back i cancelled my air tickets to DELHI....this Sunday we were supposed to fly to Delhi to meet my mom,brother and his family,my sister's family and many other relatives......but yesterday i was informed that my brother caught very severe CHICKEN-POX .....need i say more.I was unpacking my things........these bisonis were packed too .
Chandika hails from our village and whenever she is free from work she gets herself engaged in making these beauties.....she uses very thinly trimmed bamboo sticks,old wool,threads,old clothings in making these.She loves to watch T.V. but we have very strict rules for everyone regarding watching too much of t.v..........the result,she is busy with better things to do.
Meet Chandika(seema)......for her very first bisoni she used wool from her dad's new muffler.......
Thinly trimmed bamboo sticks,threads,wool


  1. kavita ji...

    aapke kam ki jitnee bhi tareef ki jay kam hai........

    aaj se pahle itne shandar aour khoobsoorat pankhe maine nahi dekhe...

    aapko dher saree badhaeeyan......

  2. Lovely, Kavita!

    By the way, how do you pronounce your name? Is it KA-vi-ta or ka-VI-ta? Is the accent on the 1st syllable or on the 2nd syllable?

  3. @ its the second one.....i like my name means A POEM ..

  4. What a lovely name, Kavita that is. And the fans are gorgeous. She really is very talented and artistic.

  5. Yes, your name is beautiful. It sounds almost Hawaiian as that is the way it would be pronounced in Hawaiian.

  6. @GIGI and KAY...thank you.

  7. the fans are really fantastic... my best wishesh for your brother.

  8. Kavitaji, I wish your brother good health and hope that you get to meet the family pretty soon.

    Well, as usual, this blog momentum is maintained with - beautiful photos and interesting description.

    So is this the secret behind cutting the TV - to get beautiful handmade "bisonis" as gifts, right? ha ha...

    But I do agree, you said it right, TV just eats away our time and better to stay strict and do something useful.


  9. Awwwww :-((
    I am so sad to hear about the trip being cancelled. Me and Priyanka were so excited to meet u in Delhi next week.

    Sorry to hear about your brother's condition too. My best wishes for him to get well soon, so that you can plan ur Delhi trip again.

    We will be waiting to meet u Kavita.

  10. aapke kam ki jitni bhi tareef ki jaye kam hai

  11. @SAI,YAMINI,VARSHA,ANIL....thankyou.

    @YAMINI...SAME HERE YAMINI...I CAN VISIT DELHI only NEXT YEAR...this trip was planned four months back....we are planning to go to sikkim and darjeeling instead as got to utilize the free days.

  12. Beautiful bisonis- this is a new word for me, Kavitha. Beautiful handiwork.

    Get well soon wishes for your brother and hope you meet your family soon. I know how eager you would have been, to meet them. All the best.

  13. Those are beautiful...she really has talent!!! Its so sweet of her to gift u.

    I hope your brother recovers soon!!!

    nice blog..keep posting!!!


  14. lovely and creative!! i could've used one of those today, it was scorching here in the DC area.

  15. you are really talented!!
    and it's beautiful. I guess using this for more than 10 min must be hard on your hand, LOL

  16. what fun handicrafts...chicken pox- I got it when I was 8 months pregnant with my 2nd son when I caught it from my first son. Not fun so it's good you have avoided catching it....or worse yet your children getting it.

  17. aaderneey kavita ji...
    mere office main meri ek dost hai use aapka blog dikhaya vo bahut khush hui use aapka blog bahut pasand aaya....

  18. I believe whatever happens is God's will so no problem. If we are destined to meet next year, then so be it.

    Enjoy your trip to Sikkim and come back refreshed!! Dnt forget to get something for us to read from there...

  19. Hi Kavita !! This art work is really beautiful !! I appreciate them..Great...Thanks for sharing..Do check my another blog also i.e.Unseen Rajasthan

  20. Very beautiful and artistic fans.Really gorgeous.

  21. thanks kavita for that bishoni..incidently neelav is also down with chicken pox.

  22. Ohh thats sad, I remember you telling in a comment to one of my posts that you would be soon going home for leave, that got cancelled? how sad. But the bishonis are really beautiful

  23. Awwwweeeeeeeeeee I am crushed because you canceled your trip.

    Have been cut from the world since my granny' operation have been traveling to and fro Delhi - Jaipur.

    Loved the BISONI Chandrika made for me... don't mind.. but it is the most beautiful one... hehehe...

    hope ur brother gets well soon and you can come to Delhi and pls bring neetu along too... we can have a great bloggers meet here in Delhi.