Friday, July 3, 2009

Hospitality in Assamese Way

Bell metal utensils were once very common in an assamese household ,but their use is very limited in present day households my home bell metal plates and bowls are used in lunch time,so as to keep in touch with old tradition otherwise kids never get a chance to learn about all these important things.Once in a while we use banana leaves as plates to serve the love it a lot ...infact Gauri (my daughter) loves to arrange the table that day.The picture below is of BAAN-BATI ........used to offer honoured guests JALPAAN .
JALPAAN means traditional sweet items which mainly consists of a varieties of puffed or flattened rice (cheera ,akhoi,muri,hurum,kumol chawal,bora chawal) ....served with curd(sweetened or plain) or can be further sweetened with jaggery.Just this morning right after our breakfast we received a call that a group of seven people(our village folks) are coming to our house.Whenever they have some work in city ..they rent a vehicle and come in group ...this way they save money,help each other plus elderly folks are in constant care of the younger less worries back home until they reach back.Once they reach Guwahati our house is a convenient place for them to refresh and have a cup of tea or so.......we to get to meet them and update ourselves with all the latest news from village.
Two elderly khuras(uncles) don't eat cooked food outside so we served them DOI-CHEERA(sweet curd and beaten rice)........for rest of the group including driver it was LUSI-GHUGHUNI(puris made with maida and lobia)......luckily we had LALMOHANS(gulabjamuns) as sweet .After a round of hot cup of tea they left the house........all of them had brought something for us......lemon,green veggies of varied varieties,rice,home made cheera etc......and of course two packets of LAYS CHIPS too. I am taking a week break here friends see you all after a week or so.......REGARDS for all of you.