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Bless You My Darling - To Mamta With Love

Bless you, my darling, and remember you are always in the heart - oh tucked so close there is no chance of escape - of your sister.  ~Katherine Mansfield
A sculpture from Goa with real gold paint .
 It all started with an album uploaded on  facebook  by my dear sister Mamta .The album displayed few of her conservation work .It was flooded with comments in no time .Partha S Mukherjee who is an active member of International Council Of Museum ICOM commented :  Good job! I hope you have kept a detailed documentation of all  the restoration work you have done so far.The comment caught my eyes as it echoed my
thoughts.As I am  always fascinated by her and her work ,I called her up later  requesting her to think about it seriously .She took the call and now for the last ten days both of us are working  together online on this.Initially i  got myself involved just to support her but as the time passed the beauty of it got me  totally interested in her work .Now i am totally hooked . The documentation will take months to complete.In this post i am sharing with you few things about Mamta and glimpses of  her work as an art conservator.
paintings by Raja Ravi Verma:before and after restoration
Mamta completed her masters in Conservation and Restoration of work of art from Delhi's National Museum Institute of History of Art ,Conservation and Museology after doing her  Bachelor Of Fine Arts in Sculptures from Fine Arts & Craft College Lucknow .Later she did her internship on sculpture art at National Museum Liverpool ,London.She is married and has got two kids .Right now she is working as visiting faculty and organizing seminars ,preparing policies and  database and keywords under the HOD conservation.She is also associated with Jamia Milia Islamia University and Conservation Lab National Museum Institute Delhi.She is a freelance sculpture artist and art conservator.
          A  Damaged Tanjore Painting On Wooden Base Done With Gold Leaf And Original Stones 
This profession is devoted to the preservation of cultural heritage for the future.It includes examination,documentation,treatment and preventive care.All this work is supported by research and education.The goal is to keep the property in its original condition as possible for as long as possible.The antiques she works on are mostly owned by Royal Families and other Art Collectors.
The Same Painting After  
Working on these kind of antiques and original work is a huge responsibility as  most of the art work is generally appreciated in value and are collectibles.
This Is The Original Vintage Film Poster Of The Classic Hindi Movie  Guide 
This is one of her most favorite work (up)
Above : Wedding Doli /Palanquin Of  Celebrity Ritu Nanda (Raj Kapoor's daughter)
Above : An Oil Painting By Famous Painter Raja Ravi Verma (  1848 -1906)
Raja Ravi Verma was an Indian painter from princely state of Travancore Kerela. He is considered among the greatest painter in the history of Indian Art.His paintings fetch  amazing prizes in the art market .
Above :The same painting after restoration 

Above :Silk Cloth Painting :Before 
Above :After
Above : This broken glass painting is owned by Nafisa Ali .It  was restored successfully .This kind of work needs lots of patience and hard work.
                                                             Before Restoration:Thanka Painting 
                                                                                After Restoration

                                       This Picture Needs Some Real Good Restoration .Here is Mamta and our former President Abu Kalam Azad  shaking hands .She had done a project on conservation of dome painting at President's house ,Ashoka Hall ,New Delhi.
At Liverpool :her topic was laser cleaning of  stone sculptures .She is the first Indian who learned it from Father Of Laser Cleaning ,John Larson.
Mamta i am proud to have you as my sister.May God bless you with all his love , luck and care.
I hope you love this surprise post.


  1. Wow! so much talent, no wonder you are proud of her. She has done such a wonderful job, which one can see in the before and after paintings. It is indeed a rare talent not many can have the patience to get into this job so wholeheartedly. Loved her picture with Abdul Kalam. Please tell her we all really appreciate her work and are proud of her

  2. your friends r our friends..your sister is our sister..heyy..v r proud 2...congrats on a gr8 post

  3. WOW.. I dont know what to say , commedable job.

    HAts off, kudos and THANK YOU tooo ...

  4. wonderful job... we are all proud of her

  5. Really wonderful.....

    So much of talent, thanks for sharing all this about her here...
    and plz convey my best wishes n regards too.....

  6. what an impressive and talented sister. it's an important work she is doing...

  7. Your sister is incredible, Kavita! She has been doing valuable work for the ages. Has she done any sculptures of her own? If so, perhaps you could post some photos of them.

  8. That is so cool! Great job both sisters!

  9. Wowww...this is incredible! your sister is immensely talented...of course you'll be proud of her.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Its good that I found your blog...

  10. Gosh, Kavita, what an amazing and talented sister you have!
    I can imagine how much she will love this surprise post!
    I know I did!
    Thank you for sharing, proud sister of Mamta.

    Margie x

  11. Adjectives are found cropping to describe the magnificent work of your sister. Lovers of art and those who are lay men as well will be astounded. The change she could bring on the Tanjore and RaviVarma paintings are wordless.
    In a country like this where people do not value and treasure the creative wonders of the past and simply talk big about our heritage and past laurels without bating an eyelid when such heritage and treasure troves get vandalised and eroded people like your sister are a rarity that is refreshing and provides hope. Good wishes to her and her endeavours.

    There are many "mural paintings" in the temples of Kerala that are fading away due to bad and irresponsible maintenance.Many are amazing. May be your sister will be able to do something on that! Would she get in touch with the Archaeological Survey of India in this regard?

  12. I am amazed after seeing those restored work. Never expected that we could ever get back the antique paintings restored ever. This post was very informative. Also I give a salute to Mamata for the patience she carries with her and for such a wonderful work she does. Great going Mamata and a great post Kavita.

  13. Kudos to your sister. Such a noble work she is engaged in. Glad you shared all the before and after works. We can appreciate the dedication and hard work that goes in each one of them.

    Proud of her.

  14. God, you are one good, talented family, Kavita! I am happy to know you and now, your sister!

    These types of work need lot of patience and concentration. She is in this after having two kids, too! Great!

    She is preserving our heritage and I really admire her, Kavita! Thank you for introducing her to all of us, here!

  15. I really enjoyed that so much. What a talented woman, your sister! And doing such needed work restoring works of art. I am beyond impressed:)

  16. Amazing your sister is doing a really good job. I loved the before and after pics.

  17. Wow! Your sister is doing such a commendable and impressive job! The before and after pics, truly speak of dedication, patience and hard work!! :)

  18. Aw. So sweet of you. And I am amazed. The before after pictures just blew my mind away. That's great work. I would be so proud of her too.

  19. Thank you so much for introducing your sister and the work she so painstakingly does. She is priceless! Anyone who cares about and restores these treasures is a treasure themselves!

    Please tell your sister Thank You for me. I am so in awe of her ... and you as well. What a wonderful family you have!!!

  20. your family brings blessings to the world! Namaste & thank YOU!

    Aloha from Honolulu :)

    Comfort Spiral




  21. Wonderful sculpture and the paintings are amazing. Really very talented person. All the pictures are gorgeous and you have presented it very beautifully. Convey my best wishes and congrats to her. Excellent post.

  22. Very difficult and time consuming work. I did not know much about it but after a movie, I read more about it.

    Awesome pictures and an excellent job she has done. My greetings to her.

  23. Wow! That is so remarkable. She is really talented. I just really enjoyed seeing all the Before and After work. I can't get over how beautifully they were restored.

  24. Hats off to your sister. To you as well for so effectively bringing out her extra-ordinary talent.

  25. Wow!!! She is really talented. Great feature :)

    ♥ from ©

  26. wow!! amazing... such a bundle of talent... wow!! I am sure you are very proud.. and after reading your post.. so are we!! Well done!!

  27. wonderful work...rama led me to ur blog...would to do a post on contact me at
    itssudha at gmail

  28. Interesting line of work.

  29. When time permits visit my new post-

  30. Great work of conservation. Each of them are priceless. Good to know taht there are still people who care for this.

  31. Thanks to all of you for your kind words of appreciation.Feels great.
    And Kavita ,i don't know what to say to you .I love you .

  32. Woww! That is so interesting! Amazing talent there :) And I so wish I cn meet u wonderful sisters some day :)

  33. @Rama:thank you so much Rama.I was deeply fascinated by her work so couldn't stop myself from sharing .

    Ramesh :buddy and sister.yeah.Thanks.

    Bikram:thank you so much.

    Stranger :yes,we are proud of her .Thanks.

    Irfanuddin :thanks a lot .Glad you liked her work.

    SM:thanks a lot.

    Gigi :yes,i have conveyed her your message.We are working on it.Thanks for your appreciation.

    NRI Girl :thanks a lot.

    Neha @Allthingsbeautiful:Warm Welcome.Your blog is lovely too.Thanks.

  34. Magiceye:thanks a lot.

    Insignia :thank you so much Bindhu.

    Anil Kurup :i conveyed your message to her .She is working on it ,as soon as i hear something positive,would let you know.

    Ashwini:thanks a lot dear.

    Lin Floyd:thanks.

    Margie :thanks .

    Sandhya:thank you.

    Kala:Warm Welcome .Thanks.


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    Patricia Torres:Welcome and thanks.

    Sudha:Thanks to Rama .I have already responded to your comment last night.


    Mamta:god bless you.want the best for you back.

    Swaram:me too looking forward .Thanks.

  36. ˚ ✿˛。˚ ˚ ˛
    ✿ Olá, amiga!

    Esse é um trabalho maravilhoso, que requer muita técnica, estudo e talento artístico.
    É muito importante conservar toda essa beleza do passado.
    Tenha um lindo dia!

    ˚ ✿˛ •
    ° 。✿ °° 。
    / \✿Beijinhos.
    Brasil 。 ✿

  37. Wow how lucky are you to have such a wonderful sister. To be given the opportunity to be involved in her work like this must be amazing.

  38. hii

    thats great, your sister is doing a great job!

    this job requires a lot of dexterity and patience i think!

  39. This is just awesome work! The works of yore, all these masterpieces need to be valued.. And it is so good to know that there are people like her who work with so much dedication and commitment to preserve them..Kudos!

  40. Great post about the brilliant, women, great and undisputed talent, and if you let one would put its clip to promote on your page. Thank you very much for such beautiful things and pleasant weekend!Please tell her, personally really appreciate her work and proud of it

  41. That’s amazing stuff…
    The picture with Mr Kalam speaks a great deal…Do I need to say more
    That’s much more than talent, a touch of luck is surely kissing you from time to time :P

  42. wowww that's really amazing :D kudos to her dedication :)
    i wish her all the best :)

  43. O wow how id I miss this post?
    Awesome...such a great artist at home and happens to be your sister...we are proud of her ...and proud of you too to have shared with us..
    God bless you!

  44. Magia :thanks.

    Ramesh : shukria.

    Petty Witter:thanks.

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  46. Wow :)
    This is great .
    Congratulations on restoring not only the paintings but scenes from past which would have vanished with time.

  47. The MOST interesting blog I've read today...OMG it is only 1:13 AM, so the day IS quite young, so I am safe from retribution--grin!
    Thank you for this information, without your words, this would have been meaningless for me.


  48. Oops, I somehow missed this post! it made engrossed, open-mouthed reading.There cannot be a better feeling than the happiness when one has restored great works of art. It is like breathing new life into a dead body! Am so enchanted to have met your sister!

  49. Arnav :welcome to my blog .Thanks for your visit ,comment and follow :)

    Steve E :welcome and thanks a lot :)

    Balachandran : glad that you read it .Thank you so much.

  50. this is an amazing post about your sister. it's fascinating and of such importance that we remember our histories as they are rendered in art and in all other forms. indian art is one of the most beautiful and it was a joy to see a tiny bit of this work in action. you must be very proud.

    also, much gratitude to you for your comment. it is much appreciated. blessings from california ♥

  51. Kavita,

    May her miraculous work go on for a long long time.

    Take care

  52. That one of Dev Anand looks great.

  53. Amazing!! You got a great talented sister kavita. The arts here are certainly remarkable treasure and restoring it to its original condition is not such an easy task and u r sister done a reliable work which is immense more than appreciated. Congrats Mamta! My best wishes to her.

  54. Wow ! Mamta, You are soo talented !!! Hats off to you...!! Its amazing to see the transformation of the art works.... !!! Wonderful and a job to be proud of...!!! Thanks for sharing this...!!