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Bilahi Tenga :A Sour Dish in Assamese Cuisine

This post was previously published in N-zine  ( Food and Beverages issue ).
In the pic:Fish and Tomato Tenga )
Assamese cuisine is characterized by very little use of spices but strong flavors mainly due to the use of endemic exotic herbs, fruits and vegetable.One of the most popular dish from Assam, the Tenga , is an indispensable part of a proper meal in Assam.Meal is served in courses here.A traditional meal in Assam begins with a Khar an alkali dish and ends with a Tenga, a sour dish. These two dishes characterize a traditional meal in Assam.Now let me tell you what does the term Tenga-Anja means :It is a sour dish, normally a curry made with various soring agents like Tomatoes , Lemon(kazi nemu ..a local variety), Thekera(Mangosteen), AouTenga(Elephant Apple). A tenga dish can have various versions .Many of these souring agents are not easily available outside Assam.Keeping this fact in mind and focusing on the easy availability of the ingredients I am going to share here two very simple recipes one a non veg i.e.with fish and another a veg version i.e.with Masoor Daal(red lentil) with Tomatoes being the basic souring agent.Tenga is making its presence felt internationally too,recently British Celebrity Chef included fish tenga among one of his hundred favorite recipes(though his recipe is nowhere near the original tenga ,that's another story).Check for the links on some interesting news related to tenga and assamese cuisine
3.Aromas Of Assam( on news on 12.09.10).
Belahi-Macchor Tenga Anja:
ingredients: 5-6 tomatoes (preferably ripe)
5-6 pieces of rohu fish(any carp)
: pinch of mustard seeds/fenugreek seeds
:mustard oil :turmeric powder
:lemon juice 1-2 tbsp(optional,i use it only if the tomatoes are not sour enough)
Method : Cut tomatoes into small pieces like shown above.Apply turmeric powder and salt to the fish pieces and after keeping them aside for 5-10 mins . Light fry them . Heat very little mustard oil(you can use any refined oil too but it tastes better with mustard oil) on a pan . Add mustard seeds , as soon as they splutter add tomatoes .(If you choose to use fenugreek seeds ,remove the seeds as soon as they are done spluttering).Cover the pan and let the tomatoes soften upon a moderate heat. Once tomatoes soften add turmeric powder and salt to it-mix well and cook covered for another 2-3 mins..

Now add a cup and a half of hot boiling water to the tomatoes and let it simmer for 2-3 mins.Add fried fish to the mix and simmer it for another 5 mins.Your delicious Fish Tenga is ready.Many add chopped coriander and slit green chillies to it as garnish-i don't use it as my folks love it just like this.Serve it with plain boiled rice (please ,please don't eat it with fried rice of any kind).

Masoor-daal Boror Bilahi Tenga
Ingredients: Masoor daal (red lentil) 1 cup
:5-6 Tomatoes finely chopped
:mustard oil /refined oil for frying
:Turmeric powder
:lemon juice 1-2 tbsp (optional)
:saltMethod: Soak the daal in a bowl.Masoor daal needs very little soaking time (about an hour ), once you notice the splits in daal ,consider it ready for grinding.

You can grind it in a mixer/blender by adding little water at a time,if the paste has too much water ,boras will not turn out well.I use a stone grinder most of the time and occasionally a blender if i am in hurry.The reason for using a stone grinder is to keep the texture little coarse ,i feel that the boras taste better this way.

The preferable texture of the masoor daal mix is shown here in the picture.Now add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and salt to taste .Mix well.Heat oil in a pan -add the mix to the oil with the help of a spoon ,one at a time.Fry them upon moderate heat to avoid fast cooking as high heat results in a burnt exterior and an undercooked inside.

Fry them on both the sides until they turn light golden.Remove boras from the heat ,keep aside.Add some fresh oil(little) to the pan,once heated splutter mustard seeds on it.Throw in the finely chopped tomatoes to the it.Cook it covered till the tomatoes soften.Remove the cover and add turmeric powder and salt to the tomatoes.Mix it well .Add two cups of boiling water here (we need more water here because once we add boras,the water is sucked up by them),simmer it again for 2-3 mins.Now its time to add boras -do it gently.

After boras are added ,let it simmer uncovered for another 3-4 minutes .If you want you can add lemon juice to it after removing the pan from the heat.If you like garnish it with coriander leaves.Serve it with plain boiled/steamed rice.


  1. looks delicious but lots of work to prepare. I enjoy curry dishes but have only eaten Thai food with it.

  2. yummy :-)
    Great stuffs, well explained, amazing.Thanks Kavita.

  3. Good morning, very interesting post, educational, accompanied with a very impressive photos. Thank you for the effort you've invested to help us illustrate the values that are inherent in this type of meal, l really would be good to try this well prepared meal. I wish to you all the best

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  7. I am full of respect for those who prepare curries from scratch! Your dishes looks so delicious!

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    A gourmet's delight - both the recipes and the photos!

  12. I like the way you described the dish's, sound too spicy for me but they look delicious. I showed this post to my son, who likes to add spices to his dish's, he is going to try one of them. Thanks for sharing this very interesting post.

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  14. This looks absolutely delicious. I admire anyone who makes their meals from scratch ... I only do about half of the time. Sigh. I am going to read through the recipe again, if only to try to imagine what this must taste like!

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  16. Oh my! It's so much fun to see a different kind of food and its explanation. It does look like a lot of work to prepare though.

  17. You force me to over indulge , not that I do not .
    Magnificent pictures too!!

  18. You force me to over indulge , not that I do not .
    Magnificent pictures too!!

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    I will have print out and have my wife cook for me. I am not allowed in kitchen...well I got myself disallowed somehow.

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  24. Even Bengali cuisine is not very spicy and most of the spices are freshly ground. The dhani, jeera and sometimes even haldi is ground every day in the stone grinder and as a result the food tastes absolutely amazing. Here of course I just use dried spice powder.
    My kids do not like fish, but the dal item looks very promising. I will cook it one day and let you know how it turned out.
    The photos look very good.

  25. You are a tempting chef and food writer, Kavita!

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    I had this grinder shown in your picture and used to grind in it a lot, long back. Now, do everything with the mixer! Some things taste better like onion chutney (small onions), if we grind it coarsely in this grinding stone! Nice to know that you still use it, Kavita!

    Nice photographs!

    Sorry, I am late here, Kavita!

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    We keralites too make that Masoor dal Boror but slightly different. Either we fry it and eat or put it in "Rasam" and have. Funny how some dishes are so similar.

    I never knew Mangostein is used in curry. We just eat it as a fruit.

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  45. OMG! mouth watering ! literally! we have a assamese boy working at our home, at times for our dishes he used to say tenga, but we were not able to understand as to what he means by it, nor was he able to tell us....I am rolling on my stomach after knowing it, because I always thought this is his way of expressing appreciation for cooking disasters I make some time !

    Can you give more recipes on fish, when ever you make. Because being in North India, and that too in a Punjabi family I have learnt the way to cook good chicken and Mutton dishes, but fish is one thing I need to work upon.

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    this looks similar to the fish tenga i know, can u help me with kala mutton & other version of Katla fish recipe.
    i want to surprise my husband, his native is mangaldoi,

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  56. Hi, looks good. I've got 2 AouTengas from my recent visit to Assam. For the masoor dal recipe, can I replace the tomatoes with them? Pl do let know. Thanks

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