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Narayanan Krishnan ...CNN Heroes Awards

Narayanan Krishnan
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Received this mail few minutes back from my dearest friend Romita Laishram  --- i found this story very inspiring so thought of sharing here 

New Delhi:  If you had not heard of Narayanan Krishnan, as I had not, it is a collective failure. This is one of the most incredible stories of personal commitment.

Narayanan Krishnan, all of 29 years old now, does what he was professionally trained to do as a chef. Feed people. Only Krishnan does not do this in the swanky confines of a 5-star hotel. Every day, he wakes up at 4 am, cooks a simple hot meal and then, along with his team, loads it in a van and travels about 200 km feeding the homeless in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

Krishnan feeds, often with his hands, almost 400 destitute people every day. And for those who need it, he provides a free haircut too.

According to CNN, eight years ago, this award-winning chef with a five-star hotel chain was all set to go to Switzerland for a high-profile posting. On a visit to a Madurai temple, he came across a homeless, old man eating his own human waste. That stark sight changed Krishnan's life.

Much to the dismay of his parents, CNN says, Krishnan abandoned his career plans and decided to spend his life and his professional training in looking after those who could not care for themselves. He has provided more than 1.2 million hot meals through his nonprofit organisation Akshaya Trust, and now hopes to extend this to shelter for the homeless too.
Krishnan is the only Indian in a list of 10 heroes that CNN has picked worldwide to honour. One of them will be chosen CNN Hero of the Year, selected by the public through an online poll. If many Indians get together to vote for this inspiring man, he can win by a long mile.
If Krishnan wins he will get $100,000 in addition to the $25,000 that he gets for being shortlisted for the Top 10. Akshaya Trust needs all the monetary support it can get to build on Krishnan's dream. Let's help him get there.

To see his story..

Please vote and send to all friends and family .. This is truly a remarkable initiative ans we can help this do better by garnering more votes for him


Vote for Krishnan here.   ( poll continues through November 18 at 6 a.m. ET. 


  1. There are so many unsung heroes in the world, and Narayanan Krishnan is one of them. One of those angels whose selfless work brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for helping to let the world know of him and his work.

    P.S. I went to the website and voted. Guess who for??? :=}

  2. Thank you so much Clytie !I too voted for him and shared his story on my facebook profile too .This story touched my heart.

  3. Kavita,

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I will vote for him. Posting on the Facebook and other social media sites also might help.

  4. Yeah kavita i had heard of him long time back and he is in news again. a good thing he is being recognized :)

  5. He is indeed a hero and I have gone to the website and voted for him! What a wonderful and inspiring man! This poor world could use many more like him! Have a great day and a lovely weekend, Kavita!


  6. It is indeed a heroic thing to do! Even if we are unable to devote our entire lives for the cause of the downtrodden and hapless people, let us at least put aside a little time for them!

  7. done and spread the word too!

  8. His story touched my heart.

    I voted for him and sent to all my friends too. I sincerely pray that he wins..

  9. Aberrations that are such and unique do happen amongst us. don't they?

  10. What an inspiring story! He reminds me of a "culinary" Mother Teresa. I, too, voted for him on the CNN website. Hope he wins!

  11. I will now after this comment voted for him and sent to all my friends too. Thanks Kavita for this good post you're great at it. Thanks

  12. My vote is for him!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. voted. God bless him and Thanks to you for sharing this info

  14. I had read abt him in rediff sometime back. So glad he made it to this. He so deserves to win. Voted already :)

  15. It is great to know that we co-exist with such caring, loving and giving people. They are true angels. And yes, I voted. Thanks for sharing this info :)

  16. Thats really so noble cause and I voted for him ad shared it on my FB profile too..Thanks Kavita for sharing this great news ..I do pray he wins so that he can continue his mission on wards more effectively ..hugs and smiles

  17. Thanks for sharing and god bless him.. its because of people like him that world is a better place to live in


  18. what a cool story and man. We need more like him in our world

  19. there r good people too like Krishnan in this world...thank god..and there r good people too like Dr Kavita...thank god...

  20. Isnt it dificult to find such people? I would say this is an extra ordinary mission, and not every one can do it.I wonder what his family would think if he had one.There is no doubt that he has done a great thing. There are some others I had seen on such missions,who changed totally after becoming famous.Popularity is a hazzard for them.

  21. Inspiring indeed, thanks for sharing this wonderfully warm post which reninds me of the saying that an army marches on its stomach.

  22. I too received it through mail... it is indeed a great that this hero is getting the much deserved attention. nice share

  23. Saw ur fb status message few days back,will vote for him now

  24. @A -thanks !I really hope he wins.

    @Abha - for me this mail was the first time that i heard of him .There are very few people like him in today's world.

    @Sylvia - thanks for voting ,i am so happy that you did !You too have a wonderful weekend.thanks.

    @Magiceye -thanks a lot Deepak .

    @Stranger -it touched my heart too.Thanks.

    @Anilkurup- yes,they do happen Anil.Thanks.

    @Gigi- i felt the same ,his work reminds me that of Mother Teresa's .Thanks a zillion for voting.

    @Balachandran V- are right ,that is one of the reason that i blogged about it,i hope more people know about him and vote.


  25. Grandma's Scrapebook
    -thanks ! I appreciate it a lot.

    Shilpa Garg
    -thanks a lot dear !

    Holy Lama
    -thanks a lot my friend!

    - i learnt about him through this mail i received on Thursday morning.I hope more and more people vote for him.

    -True angel !Thanks a lot dear:)

    -thanks and lots of love to you too :)

    this world needs more people like him.thanks brother.

    @Lin Floyd
    -thanks a lot.

    -you are very kind my dear friend .Thanks.

    Phivos Nicolaides
    - thanks a lot :)

    Dr. Anthony
    - i hope he is different .Thanks.

    Petty Witter
    - what you quoted is right .Thanks.

    -thanks dear:)

    Saritha - Thanks :)

  26. I just voted for him!

    I see you and I both posted stories of incredible altruistic human beings who have done a world of good for those who are less fortunate than us.

  27. I and my friends and family members have already voted for this person, Kavita. Did it again. He is one of a kind.

  28. @Kay -- yes,world needs to know about people like Greg Mortenson and Narayanan Krishnan .Thanks for voting Kay :)

    @Sandhya -- i was sure that you must have heard of him before i did.He is an incredible person !

  29. ♥ Olá, amiga!
    Voltei para rever seu cantinho...♥
    Comovente a história de Narayanan Krishnan.♥ Já votei nele.
    Um ótimo fim de semana!♥♥
    ♥♥ Itabira
    Brasil ♥♥
    ✿ܓ ✿ ܓ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ✿ ܓܓ ✿

  30. He is a real life of hero. How many of us could have thought about this. Probably none.

  31. Very inspiring. We need many more people like him.

  32. I went to the site and voted for the person you have listed here.

  33. @Magia -thanks a lot.

    @Rajesh -thanks a lot.

    @Onkar-thanks a lot.

    @Patty- thanks a lot.

  34. Thank you for sharing this inspiring tale. The unsung heroes of our times :)

  35. very very inspiring. voted for him :)

  36. thanks wishes to u n near ones...

  37. Life is like that ha?
    It s when we come out of the coziness of our profession and protection that we stand face to face with naked reality…
    Inspiring thought…to make an introspection

  38. Thank you for sharing this hero with us, Kavita

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral



  39. Happy diwali kavitha and wish kids on my behalf.Have a wonderful diwali :)

  40. I voted for him right away! Thank you for bringing this to all of our notice! Such an incredible story!

  41. This is a touching story; many thanks for sharing

  42. oh i was not aware of this's so sweet of him to do that;well it really needs a "big heart"to be so cosisitentely dediacte yourself to such charity deeds.hats off .

  43. Just dropping by to say hello, I hope all is well.

  44. I agree with Clytie, he is an unsung hero but to the people he helps he is a God send. Thank you for sharing this story and I will go vote.

  45. Hi Kavitha...Thanks for sharing again....I have also blogged about Narayanan Krishnan last year..I have no words to describe this person. God Bless

  46. You have always held a torch for people like Narayanan Krishnan. Its amazing how you bring these things to the notice of the world through your blog. thanks a lot for sharing this one. i voted for him as well!

  47. Hai This is Praga from Tamil Nadu and just I hav voted for Mr.Krishnan and he is truly amazing!!!!!!!

  48. May God give him good health and his support for Krishnan and we want to make him win to serve better.

  49. u r such a darling friend of all of us bloggers that everyone will wish u well...c yr fan club...awesome boss..yet, here's sending all the positive vibes of laughing buddha...wishing and hoping to hear some pleasant news fm u...keep the cheers:) and when v meet hope i remember to get u one LB hehehe..

  50. @dialoguewithyou...a warm welcome and thanks for voting :)

    @Neha ..thanks buddy:)

    @SM..thanks :)

    @Ramesh..thanks .

    @deeps introspection indeed !Thanks a lot.

    @David ..nice to see you back .Thanks.

    @Raji ..thanks dear :)

    @Cloudia ...thanks my dear friend.

    @Saritha..thanks sis.

    @Tanvi--a very warm welcome and thanks for voting.

    @Petty Witter -how sweet.thanks a lot:)

    @Margarate Cloud -thanks for voting.

    @Greener Bangalore -thanks.God Bless.

    @Sujata ..thanks ,what you said means a lot to me :)

    @Praga..thanks for your visit and your comment.

    @Ramesh ...they are my friends and i love them all.Thanks for the positive vibes,they seem to work :)


  51. Hi Doctor, visiting via Indiblogger network. Good blog and it is nice to see vote requesting post for N. Krishnan. I too have published a post on my blog.

  52. Simply great!!! today morning I have read abt your story on the news paper as a special news..No words to express my feelings...NARAYANAN KRISHNAN!!!! you are my HERO!

  53. No comments i want to just help you too feed them..