Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thank You Speak Bindas

I was interviewed by Devang Vibhakar for his popular site visit the interview(click here) and let me know what you think of it.Have a great weekend ......all of you !!!Thank you !


  1. That was a WONDERFUL interview, Kavita!!! Congratulations. You expressed yourself extremely well and I got to know you better.

    It will definitely bring more readers to your blogs.

  2. maaza aa gaya; lagi raho behna...
    tumahri blogging din duguni raat chauguni tarraki kare

  3. Aap toh superstar ho gayi. Ab hume bhool na jaana.

  4. It was an honor. Thank you for participating. :)

  5. @GIGI...Thanks,i am glad you liked the interview.

    @ROMITA..Thanks buddy,you are the one who forced me back to blogging.I can't thank you enough.

    @PRAMATHESH..Thanks.You really love pulling my leg don't you.

    @DEVANGA...Thanks,it was a pleasure to do this interview.

  6. Autograph pls kavi.

    Read ur interview there but not able to comment there.

    It was lovely to know more about u kavi.Thank u for mentioning me.

    Hugs to u and to the kids.

  7. It was an impressive interview.

  8. I read your interview, and it was great! I am honored to have found your blog. I love how you write about your country, and the wonderful photos you include. Thank you.

  9. Fantastic Interview !! Now you are celebrity !! Great..Unseen Rajasthan

  10. Nov 9? ahhaaa. Happy Birthday (though belated). That "ahhaaa" is for my sister's birthday also is Nove 9. And now hahaha

  11. Hi Kavita, Congratulations. ou are doing a great job. I really admire yur level of commitmentfor Assam!

  12. Very well handled.
    I am glad now I know at least one celebrity.

  13. Hearty Congratulations Kavita!! :)
    Love your expression!!
    Keep Blogging!
    Cheers :)

  14. Wait a minute...who is the newest talk of the town? Kavita? Yes!! She is here to stay. Gotta watch out for her and I am not kidding at all!!

    My best wishes for you as always Kavita. The answers were thought provoking and to the point. Congrats on a job well done!!


  15. @VARUNAVI...Thanks Saritha,i am glad to have you as my friend.


    @CLYTIE....thanks a lot.,thanks !Please pass my birthday wishes to your dear sis.

    @UNSEEN RAJASTHAN..thankyou.


    @MANI..thank you dear.

    @BK CHOWLA..thanks a lot.

    @SHILPA...thanks buddy!!

    @PINKU DA..its all your blessings Pinku da.Thanks.

  16. Read the interview, could not comment there. So posting it here. You are doing one swell job of rediscovering India, especially the north east for us. Love your blog and your down to earth attitude.

  17. Lovely interview! All the best. May the limelight follow you everywhere you go :D

  18. that is how this blog was born...and it is doign a very good job, I must tell you :)
    Great interview...I knew you only as a blogger, now i know a little more, I assume...:)
    Happy blogging!