Friday, April 24, 2009


Next morning we left in the early hrs.of the dawn for the elephant back ride.As we finished drinking LAL CHAI(red tea) in a small tea stall...we saw elephants returning back with the first batch of visitors.It was a beautiful sight elephants emerging amidst the rolling mist.Our group was divided in two ,and we finally seated on elephant back.These elephants have authorised and well trained Mahouts.It is one kind of an to spotting the animals...


  1. namu,
    thankyou aunty.i am very glad to see all of us

  2. OK. First things first. I am very bad at commenting. Don't expect me to be regular or something. Since I was having my vacations, I decided to drop in.

    Seems that you are from Guwahati. So that connects. I was there 99-2002: class V, VI & VII. Long time back. We had been to Kaziranga, Shillong, Cherrapunji, Jorhat and a couple of other places in and around Guwahati. Shillong was my favourite (Went there thrice!). It still ranks very high among the hill stations I've visited till date.

    In Kaziranga, I particularly remember the elephant ride. We couldn't spot the tiger but there were lots of rhinos around I got to shake my hands with a baby elephant. That was real fun.

    Those were the good old days of camera reels and you had to limit yourself to 36 shots. This post was really something down memory lane for me. We didn't take as many photos back then but it is all coming back to me as if it was just yesterday!

    Keep blogging!