Friday, September 24, 2010

Kashmira Kakaty : In Lost Land Of The Tiger

If you remember one of my most favourite post Kashmira Kakaty And Her Extraordinary Story Of .Discovering Wild Cats ,well ,my friends see her in this clip of the series Lost Land Of The Tiger (BBC),a new three part nature series ended on a high of more than 4.7 million peak viewers during the most important 9pm to 10 pm slot in U.K. .A rare leopard is photographed by a camera trap by this research team.Enjoy the clip and have a great weekend.Proud of you girl !

See this video 


  1. Simply awe inspiring! Kudos to Kashmira and team! :)

  2. First time for me to see a photo of this animal. I wonder how many are left in the world.

  3. Hey I saw these programs .. they were on BBC 1 Tues-wed-thrus and Wowo it was beautiful and I was telling my family about your Post on Kashmira .. she was in it also for a few shots ..

    Amazing serial I got it recorded .. such a beautiful place Bhutan is ..

    and it might might just work imagine finding a tiger at 4300 Feet in the himalayas ... IT was AWESOME... and all the hard work put in by the whole team...

  4. Just Awesome! Pl convey my regards to Ms. Kakaty. Tell her how we admire her!

  5. wowww. kudos to kashmira..but kudos to my dear friend Dr K for highlighting this..:)

  6. Kudos to Kashmira!!
    we are all proud of you!!

  7. This is the message i received from Kashmira few minutes back -

    Dear Kavita Ba, thanks again. Friends who watched the series in the UK said it's been done really well. BBC Nat His unit really go all out to get the best shots. I still enjoy the old style natural history films more - the ones where it is all about the animals, whereas most programs nowadays are more about the presenters and researchers (like me!). How can I ever even dream of competing with a clouded leopard in screen presence? Never!! Of course there are also the really bad programs where they go about chasing and catching sundry animals and reptiles by their tails and giving audiences absolutely the wrong message about wildlife. I haven't seen this series yet, but at least nobody was catching tigers by their tails:)

  8. Kashmira's doing a great job. And glad to see the rare sighting of the animal!

  9. My admiration and congratulations for the "Lady"

    and the Leopard too

  10. congrats to Kashmira, who is doing it as a passion and not for publicity. Also Kudos to you too.... Kavita... wonderful ! the way you give out such heartfelt appreciations..... one can feel the selfless affection in your nature when you write for some one !

  11. Kashmira gets more accolades. Good going , girl. Wish you luck for future work.:)

  12. Congratulations to Kashmira, she is an awesome rode model for young girls and I hope one of my girls follow her footsteps. She has a wonderful job, imagine doing something this exciting every day!
    Thanks for sharing this with us Kavita.

  13. That is such an amazing photo. How wonderful to have caught this treasure on film or digital camera.

  14. awesome :D thats inspiring :D loved the video :D

  15. Crouching tiger and hidden camera!
    A feather in her cap…
    Good luck to you Kashmra..

  16. Such beautiful animals, many thanks for sharing the clip.

  17. What a gorgeous cat! Definite kudos to your friend and her team! Thank you so much for sharing this clip.

  18. Wowww !Kudos to the team.
    Thanks for sharing Kavita :)

  19. Kudos to Kashmira! :)
    I am sure there's more in the future...

  20. You show us wonders!

    Namaste & Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  21. Magnificent video. That is a rare leopard. Never seen it before.

  22. I admire this girl! It is unbelievable that she, a girl, is involved in this, Kavita! Great!

    Thank you!

  23. Revealing the secrets of the world we live in, (we do not known) Oh! so this is fantastic. Thanks for this very very valuable post.

  24. Hello Kavita,
    I am so glad that we meet in the virtual world. I have so many great memories from India and love the fact that I found a blog from India..Waiting your new posts..

  25. @Lin Floyd - thanks.

    @Shilpa - thanks .


    @Gigihawaii- beautiful ,aint he ?

    @Bikramjeet- last month when me and Kashmira met,we talked a lot about her experience of working with this team.She is happy to know that you all liked the series.Thanks.

    @Balachandran V- Thanks.I will surely convey your message to her.

    @Ramesh- thanks for your constant encouragement.

    @Harman- yes,she made us all proud .Thanks.



    @Jyotijoshi - thanks.You are very kind.



    @Holy Lama...thanks.

    @Rupam Sharma- thanks.

    @Aparna - i feet the same way ,i tell my daughter about her all the time--she find it hard to believe that Baby Aunty(her pet name)who is so sweet has got anything to do with these cats.Thanks.

  26. hey sweet of u yar..lucky 2 b yr friend:)

  27. @Kay-thanks.


    @Phivas Nicolaides-thanks.


    @Sumandebray - thanks.

    @Petty Writer- Thanks.



    @Destiny's Child -thanks.




    @Grandma's Scrapbookp- a very warm welcome ! Thanks.

    @Torquoise Diaries --a very warm welcome!T.D.,its a pleasure to meet you ,i feel honored to have you as my friend.

    @Ash ...a very warm welcome.Thanks.

    @SM -Thanks.

    @Ramesh-thanks again.

  28. Something to be really proud of.It is really a fascinating video. Keep on bringing such wonderful moments.

  29. Thanks for the warm words of welcome, I will also use the opportunity to once again repeat, thank you for this excellent blog, thank you for having us allow the world to see your eyes. Because you are brilliant!

  30. Hello Kavita, If you'd like to stop by my blog there is an award with your name on it.

  31. u r one person Dr K i can count and trust 4 encouragemnt...i never went wrong on this...shukriya ji.

  32. It is always fascinating to watch the nature and wildlife go hand in hand.

  33. We need to see Kashmira's radiant smile on the TV more often, she is so pretty!